“Collect, Manage and Secure your Email Data in minutes”

DataDora relieves you from the cumbersome and error-prone process of manual data collection & processing.

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Professional Services to Setup DataDora Platform

As per your business goals, we provide cloud-based or on-premise implementation of DataDora. Our software implementation includes installation, configuration, customization, testing, and integration with data analytics or other enterprise tools (if applicable). We keep monitoring our processes regularly to help your business sustain itself in today’s competitive market.

Managed Services to Maintain DataDora Platform

Once installed, we provide all the support you need. Our maintenance team strives to ensure maximum business continuity. No matter what technical and maintenance issues you face, our support team will proactively monitor, identify, and mitigate potential risks before they cause damage that may impact your business negatively.

Professional Services to Integrate DataDora with Enterprise Data Analytics Platforms

DataDora seamlessly integrates with various Enterprise Data Analytics Platforms such as Tableau, Elastic (ELK), Graphana and more. Our professional services experts can integrate
DataDora with enterprise data apps easily and quickly for maximized efficiency.


Common Pitfalls in Manual Data Collection Practices

  • Inconsistent data collection standards.
  • Reactive approach on data submission & quality issues.
  • Possibility of errors in manual submission.
  • Mediocre reports lead to unhappy users.
  • Long lead time for new report provisioning.
  • Limited visibility on data insights.
  • Limited clarity on the data submitted.
  • Information is scattered & difficult to access on time.
  • Data not delivered on time.

Key Features

Risk & Compliance

  • Role-based access control
  • Logs & Auditing
  • Traceability is ensured by eliminating all potential risks with manual processing

Technology Enabler

  • Converts unstructured data into structured data
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Scalable
  • Fault tolerant


  • Enhances agility in business
  • Exception handling based on policies
  • Automates the process of your business

Processing Emails Efficiently

  • Smart & simplified dashboards to measure KPIs
  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to process attachments


  • Integration with enterprise data analytics platforms
  • Self-service user/access management

Key Benefits


  • Role based access control 
  • Personal data protection for confidential data 
  • Automated error handling
  • Safeguard confidential emails and attachments using DataDora security policies.
  • Multiple services to handle based on nature of work
  • Misplacement of data & manual data entry errors can be prevented


  • Fault-tolerant
  • Auto scaling or scalable based on user-defined rules
  • Cloud-native


  • Intuitive workflow to manage emails
  • Custom email retention policies to automatically manage the life cycle of emails & attachments.
  • Simplified interaction through chat-bot.
  • Cost-efficient.


  • Quicker processing time.
  • Reliable data & improved quality as there are no manual interventions 
  • Improve Productivity – Process more than 100+ emails per minute





About Us

When it comes to collecting and processing data, your time and energy are of utmost importance. Nevertheless, the manual collection and processing of a significant amount of data is time-consuming and error-prone. Moreover, manual processes often lead to mediocre reports, inconsistent data collection standards, and delayed responses to clients, which can hamper your reputation and customer satisfaction.

To counter this issue, DataDora, the automatic data collection and processing software, was created. DataDora was designed with the sole purpose of saving time and effort on manual data collection and processing. DataDora provides stability to your business by boosting productivity which includes the capability of processing 100+ emails, per minute.

This software enables customers from backgrounds such as Public sectors, Food & Beverage Franchises, Process Sectors, Marine & Construction, Manpower Consultancies, Banking as well as Financial Institutions to experience reliable and secured data with improved quality.

DataDora is powered by DevOpsLabs Pvt. Ltd., a Singapore-based IT Company established in 2019. DevOpsLabs is led by their SME’s who have expertise in CICD and DevOps Automation. DevOpsLabs envisions developing reliable IT solutions that help customers expand their businesses and improve their operations.

Learn more here: https://devopslabs.tech/

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